Start of #weed buffer: Fri Aug 19 16:25:54 2005
[16:25] *** baddman ( has joined #weed
[16:26] (baddman): hello boyz and girlz its me the one and only baddman
[16:26] (baddman): did u all miss me
[16:27] (baddman): !wz toronto canada
[16:27] (azr|el): miss you?
[16:27] (azr|el): who are yoU?
[16:27] (gleat): who?
[16:27] (baddman): im a super hero
[16:27] (gleat): lol
[16:27] (baddman): baddman is my name
[16:28] (gleat): are u bad?
[16:28] (baddman): yes
[16:28] *** hctiwT ( Quit (Read error): Connection reset by peer)
[16:28] (gleat): jajja
[16:28] (gleat): how bad?
[16:28] (gleat): u steal toys at childrens?
[16:28] (baddman): badder than bad
[16:28] (amphetamine): !weather singapore, singapore
[16:28] (gleat): or toys at bitches?
[16:28] (popeazr|el): No Info
[16:28] (Toker): like bad breath bad?
[16:28] (gleat): lol
[16:28] (gleat): hi Toker
[16:29] (Toker): supsup :)
[16:29] (baddman): no like baddman badd
[16:29] (gleat): happy bday ...i dont remmeber how say when tahts past
[16:29] (gleat): thats
[16:29] * Toker is a BAD man... bad back, bad knee, so on and so on
[16:29] (baddman): theres a tornado watch in toronto
[16:29] (gleat): bad asshole?
[16:29] * Toker grins
[16:29] (|LadyDiva|): happy belated birthday is how it's said gleat
[16:29] (amphetamine): !weather singapore singapore
[16:29] (popeazr|el): No Info
[16:29] (|LadyDiva|): hey toker
[16:29] (gleat): bealated
[16:29] (gleat): yes
[16:29] (Toker): thanks gleat
[16:29] (gleat): :P
[16:29] (|LadyDiva|): belated
[16:29] (gleat): uw
[16:30] (baddman): your mothers an asshole gleat
[16:30] (gleat): beanything
[16:30] (gleat): :P
[16:30] (gleat): lol
[16:30] (gleat): baddman, u are bad
[16:30] (gleat): u must be a kid
[16:30] (|LadyDiva|): yea he's fixin to overload his fingers on the kb and get kicked too hehe
[16:30] (Billi): kids today
[16:31] (|LadyDiva|): some insults just aren't that funny or timed correctly
[16:31] (Toker): lol
[16:31] (baddman): like what insult ladydiva
[16:31] (Billi): ur mom
[16:31] (Toker): yea he is bad enough to be bad at being bad in a bad way
[16:31] (Billi): :P
[16:31] (|LadyDiva|): yea he sux at being funny for sure hehe
[16:32] (gleat): lol
[16:32] * Toker Pokes baddman with a cue stick
[16:32] (Toker): corner pocket?
[16:32] (Billi): heh
[16:32] * Toker grins
[16:32] (gleat): canadian baddass
[16:32] (baddman): and u are real funny ladydiva
[16:33] (baddman): u are so funny
[16:33] (baddman): what u said was funny
[16:33] (baddman): <|LadyDiva|> yea he sux at being funny for sure hehe
[16:33] (baddman): whats the hehe for do u think that was funny
[16:33] (baddman): how old are u
[16:33] (baddman): are u a fob
[16:33] (Toker): baddman... easy now, its all in good fun. if you dont watch it, I might have to put on my bad boot and show ya the badass door ;)
[16:33] (gleat): lol
[16:33] (|LadyDiva|): wtf is a fob?
[16:34] (baddman): u
[16:34] (baddman): fresh off the boat
[16:34] (Toker): normally I am a smart ass, but hey I can be a badass today...
[16:34] (gleat): fuckeable on bitch?
[16:34] (gleat): lmao
[16:34] (Toker): Full Of Beauty?
[16:34] (gleat): or?
[16:34] (gleat): im guessing
[16:34] (gleat): lol
[16:34] (|LadyDiva|): now this is funny.. he dishes out insults sayig he's just kidding but when someone else says anything, he can't take it
[16:34] * GRIM hava naguilla
[16:34] (Toker): usally most bad people are like that LD
[16:34] (Toker): its sad.. err bad
[16:35] (gleat): he is really bAD
[16:35] (azr|el): badd attitude man!
[16:35] (gleat): im scared
[16:35] (baddman): its gleat who said that
[16:35] (baddman): not me
[16:35] (Billi): welp time to get my high back
[16:35] (Toker): I feel like I am stuck in a Dr. Sussis book
[16:35] (Toker): I soo spelled that wrong
[16:35] (baddman): when did i say i was kidding
[16:35] (|LadyDiva|): yes you did but tis ok toker
[16:35] (Toker): ;)
[16:35] (baddman): do u all even know english
[16:35] (baddman): what country are u all from
[16:35] (gleat): toker dont spell that DR here, she is no allowed here
[16:35] (gleat): :P
[16:35] * Toker adds spelling to his list of things he is BAD at
[16:35] (NavYBarT): antartica
[16:35] (baddman): i know lady diva is from some foriegn country
[16:35] (Billi): hehe
[16:35] (gleat): im from inuvik
[16:36] (|LadyDiva|): yea .. florida, usa is a foreign country
[16:36] (Toker): I am from the SouthPole
[16:36] (baddman): u sure dont speak proper english lady diva
[16:36] (Toker): better to hang low than be strung up high at the NorthPole
[16:36] (baddman): are u sure
[16:36] (gleat): lol
[16:36] (baddman): u from florida
[16:36] (|LadyDiva|): I speak better english than you do
[16:36] (Billi): hella
[16:36] (NavYBarT): u must be the one that dosent speak proper english
[16:36] (baddman): im sure u do
[16:36] (Toker): I only speak English and BAD english.
[16:36] (gleat): damn, he is bAD again
[16:36] (baddman): u dont make any sense
[16:36] * Toker is Hooked on Ebonics
[16:36] (|LadyDiva|): not any worse than you
[16:36] (Billi): she makes perfect sense to me
[16:36] (azr|el): oh man
[16:36] (baddman): and then u think i said things that i never did
[16:37] (gleat): i write many languages, all badly
[16:37] (Toker): lol
[16:37] (azr|el): somebody who spells "you" as "u" accusing somebody else of not knowing english
[16:37] (Toker): I convey thoughts, spelling is a close second
[16:37] (|LadyDiva|): need I paste what YOU typed baddman?
[16:37] (Billi):
[16:30] your mothers an asshole gleat
[16:37] (azr|el): go back to your homework baddman
[16:37] (Billi): thats what you said, retard
[16:37] (gleat): mothers?
[16:37] (Toker): oh what a tool
[16:37] (gleat): lmao
[16:37] (|LadyDiva|): he forgot the apostraphe
[16:37] (gleat): i got a tool
[16:37] (azr|el): even gleat knows you forgot the apostrophe
[16:37] (NavYBarT): why is he still here after the past few days of argueing with ppl
[16:37] (azr|el): and he's from chile
[16:38] (Toker): b/c he is good for a few laughs
[16:38] (gleat): hehe
[16:38] * Toker Pokes baddman with a stick
[16:38] (gleat): lmao
[16:38] (Billi): its entertaining when someone is so oblivious tho
[16:38] (azr|el): he must be sad
[16:38] (azr|el): haha
[16:38] (|LadyDiva|): ok so who wrote this bot anyhow?
[16:38] (gleat): i dont know
[16:38] (baddman): u all need help
[16:38] (Toker): the bad bot?
[16:38] (NavYBarT): u need help
[16:38] (gleat): maybe DRa , kinda gay bot
[16:38] (|LadyDiva|): yea
[16:38] (baddman): weed aint doing it for u all
[16:38] (azr|el): u need to learn to spell, baddman
[16:38] (baddman): try some harder drugs
[16:38] (azr|el): because u suck
[16:38] (baddman): u need to eat shit
[16:38] (gleat): lol
[16:38] (Billi): weed is making you funny right now, baddman
[16:39] (gleat): lmao
[16:39] * Toker hands baddman some DRANO here ya go bud... snort up
[16:39] (Billi): the only reason you are still here
[16:39] (azr|el): haha
[16:39] (baddman): azriel go and lick your fathers asshole
[16:39] (gleat): baddman, u should send ur pic at dra, so u could be mean
[16:39] (Toker): "Hey this stuff is turning blue! Must be imported"
[16:39] (gleat): well, BAD
[16:39] (azr|el): baddman, that's the best stuff you got hahahaha
[16:39] (Billi): baddman you should try talking to the folks in # marijuana
[16:39] (gleat): lol
[16:39] (baddman): whys that billi
[16:39] (Billi): you'll fit right in :)
[16:40] (azr|el): they'll miss you
[16:40] (Toker): lol
[16:40] (gleat): baddman u live in teh dark side
[16:40] (azr|el): when you laeve
[16:40] (azr|el): leave*
[16:40] (gleat): the
[16:40] (Toker): wait, before you go to the dark side let me move my shrooms
[16:40] (baddman): go eat pig shit your favourtie meal azriel
[16:40] (gleat): lmao
[16:40] (gleat): lmao
[16:40] (azr|el): hahaha
[16:40] (gleat): pigs?
[16:40] (gleat): PIGS
[16:40] (Toker): ew ew ew
[16:40] (gleat): u miss him baddman?
[16:40] (Toker): hummm bacon
[16:40] (azr|el): we aren't on your farm, baddman
[16:41] (Toker): I could go for some bacon right about now
[16:41] (gleat): maybe is pig's gay bot
[16:41] (baddman): go lick a pigs asshole and his shit
[16:41] (NavYBarT): hey baddman leave the goats alone man
[16:41] *** ASucAL ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[16:41] (|LadyDiva|): man I am just starving!
[16:41] (|LadyDiva|): waitin on doug to get home with something to eat
[16:41] (baddman): so go and eat that pig dung
[16:41] (baddman): the one u enjoy
[16:41] (gleat): lol
[16:41] *** M|nD_ArT (~user@ Quit (Read error): Connection reset by peer)
[16:41] (azr|el): baddman must be sad that nobody missed him
[16:41] (baddman): and take some diana sauce with u
[16:41] *** munt ( has joined #weed
[16:41] * gleat says baddman is realy bad
[16:41] (NavYBarT): hes sad because the pigs didnt want any today
[16:41] (azr|el): no means no, baddman
[16:42] (baddman): u all eat pigs
[16:42] (baddman): u dirty assholes
[16:42] (baddman): u eat pig shit
[16:42] (gleat): lol
[16:42] (Toker): bad ... put the shovel down, when your end a hole, stop digging
[16:42] (Billi): ham is good
[16:42] (Billi): bacon is good
[16:42] (gleat): lmao
[16:42] (Billi): pork chops are good
[16:42] (Toker): BBQ pork rocks
[16:42] (baddman): and u like pig shit too
[16:42] (Billi): pork spare ribs
[16:42] (Billi): yummy
[16:42] (gleat): hehee
[16:42] (baddman): pigs eat their own shit
[16:42] (Toker): I cooked some pretty good ribs the other day, gave some to Worthless
[16:42] (Toker): he liked em
[16:42] (Toker): just like you bad... and?
[16:42] (Billi): so do toddlers
[16:42] (azr|el): nice, ribs are delicious
[16:42] (baddman): and then u fight with the pigs to eat their shit
[16:42] (gleat): baddman, chit is ur favorite word, u know that cause ur undies are full of that
[16:43] (azr|el): haha
[16:43] (gleat): shit too
[16:43] (azr|el): baddman is out of diapers
[16:43] (azr|el): so he comes onto IRC
[16:43] (gleat): yes
[16:43] (baddman): u all eat pigs shit
[16:43] (gleat): he got diapers when he met to dra
[16:43] * Toker puts on his bad boot on his bad foot and streaches his bad leg
[16:43] (baddman): pigs have no sweat glands
[16:43] (azr|el): ok...the pig shit comments are uncreative
[16:43] (baddman): and u all enjoy eating them
[16:43] (baddman): u are sick fucks
[16:43] (azr|el): time to get kicked I suspect
[16:43] *** StonedOne sets mode: +b *!*badd@*
[16:43] *** baddman was kicked by StonedOne (Banned): Your not bad, you just suck)
[16:43] (gleat): lol
[16:43] *** X sets mode): (l 49
[16:43] (azr|el): haha
[16:43] * Toker shakes his head
[16:43] (|LadyDiva|): woohoo!
[16:43] (Toker): lol
[16:43] (gleat): i was being a Psycho DRA btw
[16:44] (gleat): :P
[16:44] (|LadyDiva|): lol
[16:44] (Toker): ROFL
[16:44] (Billi): aww let him come back
[16:44] (NavYBarT): hey stop makin fun of baddmans but buddy
[16:44] (Billi): enraged
[16:44] (Toker): now he is cussing out stonedone
[16:44] (NavYBarT): jk
[16:44] (gleat): lol
[16:44] (Toker):
[16:44] (StonedOne):
[16:44] [baddman] u gonna kick me out
[16:44] (Toker):
[16:44] (StonedOne):
[16:44] [baddman] cant u talk to me
[16:44] (Toker):
[16:44] (StonedOne):
[16:44] [baddman] whats the problem
[16:44] (|LadyDiva|): lmao toker
[16:44] (Billi): come on let him back in
[16:44] (Billi): invite him
[16:44] (Billi): lol
[16:44] *** StonedOne sets mode): -b *!*badd@*
[16:44] (azr|el): change your name to suckman
[16:44] (azr|el): because you suck
[16:44] (azr|el): hahahahaha
[16:44] (azr|el): change your name to fatherfucker
[16:44] (azr|el): cause u fuck your father
[16:44] (gleat): hehe
[16:44] (gleat): it was funny
[16:44] (azr|el): u little bastard
[16:44] (|LadyDiva|): it's bad when he doesn't know that's a bot heh
[16:45] (Billi): tards like this are funnier pissed off
[16:45] (Toker): haha
[16:45] (gleat): lol
[16:45] (Toker): ban removed, I wonder if he will come back
[16:45] (gleat): hehe
[16:45] (gleat): he must be 15
[16:45] (gleat): or less than that
[16:45] (|LadyDiva|): he's dumb toker.. he'll be back
[16:45] (Toker):
[16:45] (StonedOne): Msg to baddman: ok ok, ban removed you little prick
[16:45] (NavYBarT): he kicks devoiced everyday
[16:45] (|LadyDiva|): he's been banned and kicked before
[16:45] (gleat): lmao
[16:45] (NavYBarT): or banned and comes right back
[16:46] *** baddman ( has joined #weed
[16:46] (Toker):
[16:45] (StonedOne):
[16:45] [baddman] thank u
[16:46] (Toker): ROFL
[16:46] (Toker): wb mildMan
[16:46] (gleat): hehe
[16:46] *** Toker sets mode): +v baddman
[16:46] (Toker): lol
[16:46] (gleat): wb fagman
[16:46] (baddman): u assholes shouldnt kick people out
[16:46] (Toker): by the way oh bad one. Stonedone is a bot... rofl, you would be better off talking to a wall
[16:46] (|LadyDiva|): told ya toker ; )
[16:46] (baddman): just cause u all eat pig shit
[16:47] (baddman): hes a motherfucker
[16:47] (baddman): thats what he is
[16:47] (NavYBarT): u must not have any friends baddman
[16:47] (Toker): rofl
[16:47] (|LadyDiva|): baddman is one badd dumbass ; )
[16:47] (gleat): lol
[16:47] (baddman): stonedone is a motherfucker
[16:47] (baddman): a dickless one too
[16:47] (baddman): hes a dickless motherfucker
[16:47] (gleat): damn, unforgiven is not here?
[16:47] (Toker): your prolly right
[16:47] (NavYBarT): yea hesa bot you dumbas
[16:47] (Toker): I dont think he has a dick
[16:47] * Toker is rolling
[16:47] (gleat): pigs is a ghost here
[16:47] (|LadyDiva|): it's dam bot baddman.. derrrrrr
[16:48] 10(@StonedOne10)): who ya calling dickless?
[16:48] (baddman): go and eat some pig shit gleat with ketchup
[16:48] * Toker snickers
[16:48] (baddman): your favourite meal
[16:48] (NavYBarT): your nick should be Stupidfuck
[16:48] (gleat): lmao
[16:48] (baddman): u asshole
[16:48] (gleat): hehehe
[16:48] (|LadyDiva|): yea no shit bart lol
[16:48] * StonedOne Slaps baddman around a bit with a clue
[16:48] (baddman): navybart your nick should be sisterfucker
[16:48] * gleat slaps baddman around a bit with a cold shower
[16:48] (NavYBarT): go fuck your pigs man they are getting lonely
[16:48] (gleat): lol
[16:48] (Toker): just goes to show yall. we host all kinds in here... rofl
[16:48] (Billi): haha
[16:48] * Billi sits back and tokes
[16:49] * Toker joins Billi
[16:49] (gleat): hehe
[16:49] (baddman): navybart change your nick to pigshiteater
[16:49] (|LadyDiva|): yea who says we're not friendly? hehe
[16:49] (Toker): haha
[16:49] (baddman): so u enjoy pig dung
[16:49] (baddman): dont u
[16:49] (gleat): baddman, u got inlove with pigs?
[16:49] (Toker): you guys ever get the feeling he doesnt like pigs?
[16:49] (baddman): u little dickless fuck
[16:49] (|LadyDiva|): baddman has a pig fetish
[16:49] (gleat): yes
[16:49] (gleat): he is
[16:49] (gleat): she is too
[16:49] (gleat): :P
[16:49] (NavYBarT): he has his penis stuck in one as we speak probably
[16:49] (baddman): ladydiva likes pigs asshole
[16:49] (Toker): the only insult he has is pig this and pig that.. oh and dickless... sad really
[16:49] (baddman): she looks like a pigs asshole
[16:49] (gleat): glory hole
[16:50] (gleat): lol
[16:50] (|LadyDiva|): yea least he could do is dish out some decent insults hehe
[16:50] (baddman): go and suck off a pig
[16:50] (Toker): baddman right now you look like something on the bottom of my shoe...
[16:50] (gleat): lmao
[16:50] (baddman): u all are fucked
[16:50] (baddman): thats all
[16:50] (gleat): i think , he isa pig bot
[16:50] (baddman): u need harder drugs
[16:50] (Toker): haha
[16:50] (gleat): lost in anotehr dimension
[16:50] (gleat): another
[16:50] (baddman): gleat go and fuck your mother
[16:50] (baddman): u ugly bastard
[16:50] (Toker): I think you need to snort drano and do us all a favor
[16:50] (gleat): lol
[16:50] (NavYBarT): hey baddman are you like 12 or something?
[16:50] (Billi): pigs are smarter than him, gleat
[16:50] (Toker): oh oh now he is a mother!
[16:50] (gleat): damn
[16:50] (Toker): progress
[16:50] (Toker): whoohoo
[16:50] (gleat): Billi, im not sure
[16:51] (|LadyDiva|): hell retarded people are smarter than baddman
[16:51] (baddman): u all are motherfucker
[16:51] (Toker): your doing good badman... now, what else you got in that bad bag of insults
[16:51] (gleat): lol
[16:51] (gleat): wow
[16:51] (Toker): ok, dont overkill mother now
[16:51] (Toker): that would be bad
[16:51] (NavYBarT): yes we all fucked your mother
[16:51] (baddman): u all are fucked
[16:51] (|LadyDiva|): well I know I am.. I got one in the oven heh
[16:51] (Billi): baaaaaaaaaddman....i think he likes sheep
[16:51] (gleat): u are a son of the pig
[16:51] (baddman): navybart u are a fucking homosexual
[16:51] (Toker): humm, yea I do get lucky every now and again... so yes, your right, but how is that a burn?
[16:51] (gleat): grgr rooodaaarrr, i hate u
[16:51] (gleat): .P
[16:51] (gleat): :P
[16:51] (baddman): go and fuck your boyfriend azriel
[16:51] (NavYBarT): oooo he does know dra
[16:51] (baddman): u homosexual bastard
[16:51] (gleat): i think so
[16:51] (NavYBarT): hes talkin about gays now
[16:51] (|LadyDiva|): lmao bart
[16:52] (baddman): so u are a shemale
[16:52] (gleat): lmao
[16:52] (baddman): huh bart
[16:52] (Toker): dude, really... the fucking thing is getting old.. move on to something better now, over kill bud
[16:52] (baddman): u tranny
[16:52] (Billi): hey i'm a homo
[16:52] (gleat): are u billi?
[16:52] (baddman): u are a sick bastard
[16:52] (Toker): I am a lesbian stuck in a mans body
[16:52] (baddman): is what u are
[16:52] (|LadyDiva|): heheh toker
[16:52] (NavYBarT): lol Toker
[16:52] (gleat): who is sick?
[16:52] (Toker): >:)
[16:52] (baddman): a pig shit eating homosexual
[16:52] (Toker): ooooh combo!
[16:52] (NavYBarT): your a pigfucker
[16:52] (baddman): billi is a homo
[16:52] (gleat): lol
[16:52] (NavYBarT): oink oink
[16:53] (gleat): billi is
[16:53] (NavYBarT): look he runs to the noise
[16:53] * Toker sings the he is a homo I am a homo we are a homo song
[16:53] (|LadyDiva|): wow.. baddman for once is right hehe
[16:53] (gleat): yes
[16:53] (baddman): he eats pig shit for dinner with his boyfriend bart and fucks his asshole
[16:53] (Toker): haha
[16:53] * Billi gets homo on baddman
[16:53] (gleat): he fot a prize
[16:53] (|LadyDiva|): and he thought it was an insult rofl
[16:53] (gleat): got too
[16:53] (gleat): :P
[16:53] (Toker): HAHA
[16:53] (gleat): lol
[16:53] * Toker looks at baddman and laughs his ass off
[16:53] (Billi): i'm a girl dumbass
[16:53] (gleat): damn, i need laff like now
[16:53] (gleat): :P
[16:53] (baddman): billi bend over i think bart wants to tell u something
[16:53] (NavYBarT): how it feel being the ass of everyones jokes
[16:53] (Toker): oh yea, this will be a good addition to the "funny shit" archive
[16:54] (|LadyDiva|): lol tokeer
[16:54] (baddman): or he wants to show u something
[16:54] (|LadyDiva|): yea no kiddin hehe
[16:54] (gleat): lol
[16:54] (gleat): funny pig shit archive
[16:54] (Billi): baddman, i'm a female
[16:54] (NavYBarT): wow your stupid baddman
[16:54] (Billi): i have titties
[16:54] (Toker): hahaha
[16:54] (Billi): big ones
[16:54] (NavYBarT): yes she does !
[16:54] (baddman): u are a shemale
[16:54] * Toker looks at Billi... yep, whoohooo
[16:54] * gleat stares at Billi and looks at fu
[16:54] (|LadyDiva|): me too but he dunno what titties are prolly
[16:54] (baddman): and bart is a tranny
[16:54] (baddman): shemales
[16:54] (NavYBarT): what the hell is a tranny
[16:54] (Toker): LD yea he does, he is still sucking on his mommas
[16:54] (baddman): pig fucking shemales
[16:54] (gleat): lmao
[16:54] (|LadyDiva|): lmao toker
[16:54] (Billi): transvestite
[16:55] (baddman): u all enjoy licking pigs assholes
[16:55] (gleat): tranny is dra bf or gf
[16:55] (NavYBarT): no toker he came out of a pig so hes suckin on pig titties
[16:55] (baddman): billi we know u are a tranny
[16:55] (Billi): chicken hole is cleaner
[16:55] (baddman): u dont need to tell us
[16:55] (gleat): lolol
[16:55] (baddman): bart u are a dickless fuck
[16:55] (NavYBarT): ok i gotta go back to work later all
[16:55] (gleat): cya bart
[16:55] (Billi): have you ever touched a boob before, baddman?
[16:55] (baddman): bart go work on the street
[16:55] (|LadyDiva|): pitiful when the dood don't even know when he's been whupped up and down and still gettin beaten lol
[16:55] (baddman): and get your asshole fucked
[16:55] * gleat did
[16:55] (baddman): go fuck your father
[16:55] (NavYBarT): you work in the pig pen
[16:55] (baddman): bart
[16:56] (baddman): thats your job
[16:56] (Toker):
[16:55] (+baddman): baddman u are a dickless fuck <-- who are you talkin to again?
[16:56] (baddman): fuck your father
[16:56] (baddman): u fatherfucker
[16:56] (gleat): lol
[16:56] (Billi): lmao
[16:56] (gleat): gotthe cycle again
[16:56] (gleat): he dont know anothe rwords
[16:56] * Toker sits in the corner and snickers
[16:56] (baddman): bart is a fatherfucker
[16:56] (Billi): doug is a motherfucker
[16:56] (gleat): lol
[16:56] (baddman): get to work lad
[16:56] (Billi): so is fubar
[16:56] (|LadyDiva|): yea doug is def that billi hehe
[16:56] (Toker): hahaha
[16:56] (gleat): lmao
[16:57] (|LadyDiva|): woohoo
[16:57] * gleat is a Mofo and a Psycho, not kidding
[16:57] (Billi): doug loves being one so much, he keeps her knocked up lol
[16:57] (|LadyDiva|): lmao
[16:57] (baddman): barts busy for the next hour
[16:57] (baddman): taking it in his asshole
[16:57] (Toker): it really makes me wonder why "baddman" thinks he is so bad. all he managed to do is make an entire channel laugh their asses off
[16:57] (Billi): he should feel privledged
[16:57] (Toker): good point
[16:57] (Billi): we rarely let a lamer as he is go on so long
[16:58] (baddman): i dont eat pigs or pig shit
[16:58] (Toker): that is some talent to wake up this many stoners
[16:58] (|LadyDiva|): he doesn't have enough brain cells to realize that billi lol
[16:58] (baddman): like u fucken losers
[16:58] (ChkNpIMP): speaking of good point
[16:58] (ChkNpIMP): here's toker!
[16:58] (Toker): >:)
[16:58] (Billi): put your 'point' away hooka
[16:58] * Toker puts away his main point
[16:58] (Billi): lol
[16:58] (Toker): haha
[16:58] (ChkNpIMP): toker): haha can you have StonedOne take off bitch mode
[16:58] (gleat): lol
[16:58] * Billi tokes
[16:58] (|LadyDiva|): betcha if you holler in one of baddman's ears, you'll hear an echo come out the other ear on the other side lol
[16:59] (Toker): sure, let me see whats up
[16:59] (gleat): jaja
[16:59] (Toker): ooooooooooooooooooo you deoped him... tisk tisk tisk
[16:59] (Billi): you'd think the sound would be absorbed from all the pig shit h seems to have on the mind
[16:59] (|LadyDiva|): bad hooka
[16:59] (ChkNpIMP): haha toker
[16:59] (ChkNpIMP): he deopped me!
[16:59] (baddman): u all are fucked
[16:59] (ChkNpIMP): for spamming!
[16:59] (baddman): u are all fucked
[16:59] (|LadyDiva|): lmao hooka
[16:59] (Billi): i will be later
[17:00] (Toker): ok, I think yer fixed
[17:00] (Billi): when fubar gets home
[17:00] (|LadyDiva|): me too as a matter of fact
[17:00] (baddman): by who your dog
[17:00] (|LadyDiva|): but with doug. not f00 tho lol
[17:00] (ChkNpIMP): baddman): we prefer to use the nomenclature, "FUBAR" instead of "fucked"
[17:00] (Billi): dont own a dog, dude
[17:00] (baddman): you molested your neighbours dog
[17:00] (Billi): fubar is hawt
[17:00] (Billi): :P
[17:00] (baddman): and got lockjaw on your asshole
[17:00] (ChkNpIMP): toker): haha .. i deopped him so i could spam some text in the channel w/o getting a flood kick didnt realize it'd bitch me
[17:00] (baddman): while the dog was licking your ass he lock jawed
[17:00] (Toker): rofl
[17:01] (ChkNpIMP): lolz ;)
[17:01] (|LadyDiva|): hmm lockjaw on the asshole.. now that's a concept only someone who has been fucked in the asshole would know about
[17:01] (Psychoe): he licks, nice
[17:01] (Billi): yeah i ben thru that once before with ur mom dude
[17:01] (Billi): i can handle it
[17:01] (baddman): u are a nasty bitch
[17:01] (Billi): see THATS how a 'your mother' insult should come about...
[17:01] (baddman): u molested your neighbours dog
[17:01] (|LadyDiva|): which one?
[17:01] (|LadyDiva|): lol
[17:01] (Toker): LOL
[17:01] (baddman): and then the pitbull lock jawed on u
[17:02] (baddman): how did u get the fucken dog off u bitch
[17:02] (Toker): do you even know what lockjaw is?
[17:02] (Psychoe): lol
[17:02] (|LadyDiva|): somehow i doubt he does toker
[17:02] (Toker): I think his bag of insults has rully run dry
[17:02] (Toker): err fully
[17:02] (Psychoe): lady, u botehr ur neighbours?
[17:02] (baddman): shes does
[17:02] (Psychoe): lol
[17:02] (Billi): my cats bug the shit outta my neighbors
[17:03] (Billi): i love it
[17:03] (Toker): ok yall, I am heading home... any mind if I show this mildMan the door? :)
[17:03] (|LadyDiva|): naw our neighbor's cats bother us
[17:03] (Psychoe): maybe eric is trying to join ur bedroom
[17:03] (|LadyDiva|): have fun toker!
[17:03] *** StonedOne sets mode: +b *!*badd@*
[17:03] *** baddman was kicked by StonedOne (Banned): Your not bad, you just plain suck)
[17:03] (Billi): go for it dude
[17:03] (ChkNpIMP): newp
[17:03] * Toker takes a bow
[17:03] (gleat): lol
[17:03] (Billi): could just devoiced him hehe
[17:03] (Toker): I am going to save this and post it in the funny shit archive. that was just too funny
[17:03] (Billi): hehe
End of #weed buffer: Fri Aug 19 17:03:54 2005