[20:56] *** [k3rMiT] (~email@modemcable039.252-201-24.hull.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #weed
[20:56] ([k3rMiT]): hey
[20:56] ([k3rMiT]): i need help
[20:57] ([k3rMiT]): does anyone know what a trellis is?
[20:57] ([k3rMiT]): http://users.lycaeum.org/~npkaye/multishelf.html
[20:57] ([k3rMiT]): i dont understand what they mean by a trellis
[20:57] ([k3rMiT]): plz help me
[20:58] (fwl``): its a thing that plants can grow up, like a peice of wood in a shape
[20:58] ([k3rMiT]): is it ideal for closets
[20:58] ([k3rMiT]): ?
[20:59] (fwl``): well i suppose it depends what exactly you have in the closet , but it could go in a closet if you wanted i reckon
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): well
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): listen
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): i have a closet
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): im trying to set it up to grow
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): and im trying to look at cool techniques
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): that will produce more weed
[21:00] (@AmeriKat): why would you need a trellis to grow weed?
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): i dont
[21:00] (@AmeriKat): it's not a climbing vine
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:00] ([k3rMiT]): but they use it on the site
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): and it look slike it works well
[21:01] (@AmeriKat): sounds like a waste to me
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): hey amerikat
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): tell me
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): what would be the best setup for a closet
[21:01] (fwl``): weed dont really need a trellis , you could tie it to a trellis if you wanted but you wouldnt realy want to i don tthink
[21:01] (@AmeriKat): just a pot with some fertilizer and a good heat lamp
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:01] ([k3rMiT]): heat lamp? itl burn!
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): can i use neons
[21:02] (@AmeriKat): no it won't
[21:02] (@AmeriKat): get a sun lamp dude
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): why?
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): arent neone better?
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): i have them
[21:02] (@AmeriKat): b/c it's got to have light and heat to grow
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): free
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): ?
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): i didnt see this on any sites
[21:02] ([k3rMiT]): all the sites have neons
[21:03] (@AmeriKat): do what you will
[21:03] (@AmeriKat): but i'm telling you what i know will work
[21:03] (fwl``): neon got no heat, got to give your plants some love and some heat =]
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): no im not arguing with u
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): i trust u
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): hmm
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): i hate this!!
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): im soo mixed up
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): all the site ive been to
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): tell me a diff way to groww it
[21:03] ([k3rMiT]): i have a bi closet
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): and i want to make as much as possible
[21:04] (@TokerJoe): bi closet?
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): i already made a hole that goes to my attic
[21:04] (@AmeriKat): personally i'm all for hydroponics
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): with a big tube in it for ventilation
[21:04] (@TokerJoe): hydro rocks
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): hydro in a closet
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): that impossible
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): :P
[21:04] (@TokerJoe): have you ever tried it?
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): it would make too much noise
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): no
[21:04] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): im gonna cry
[21:05] (@TokerJoe): then you cant say its impossible
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): i need to talk one on one
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): with someone
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): tht will tell me exactly waht to do
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): to grow alot
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): in my closet
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): the best way
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): im not cheap, i got cash
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): and im serious
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): every person, site tells me somat diff
[21:05] (@TokerJoe): well first things first... first you send me your cash... and.....
[21:05] (fwl``): i tried to grow a turnip in my closet but it died ;/
[21:05] ([k3rMiT]): :(
[21:06] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:06] ([k3rMiT]): listen
[21:06] ([k3rMiT]): u have a hole that goes to the attic
[21:06] ([k3rMiT]): vor ventilation
[21:06] (@AmeriKat): ROFLMAO fwl
[21:06] (@TokerJoe): hahahahah
[21:06] ([k3rMiT]): ppl plz help me
[21:06] (@TokerJoe): turnip
[21:06] ([k3rMiT]): i made a holw with a silent fan in it, so my parents woudnt hear that goes to the attic for ventilation
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): and i have 2 shelves installed
[21:07] (@TokerJoe): you cut a hole in your parents house..
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): i was gonna put neons on them
[21:07] (@TokerJoe): and you think they wont find out
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): yes :D
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): they wont
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): trust me
[21:07] (@TokerJoe): oookkkk
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): so i have 2 shelves
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): i was gonna hang neons on them
[21:07] ([k3rMiT]): but u say that sux0rs?
[21:07] (@TokerJoe): dude, go with florecent... neon will do you no good, unless you want a sign that says.. EAT AT JOEs
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): ?
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): i was taling about fluorescents
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): fuck
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): i said neomns
[21:08] (@TokerJoe): haha
[21:08] * TokerJoe hates it when that happens
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): i am using the big white tubes
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): that fluo right?
[21:08] (@AmeriKat): ROFLMAO
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): with fixtures..
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): :(
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): plz
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): dont laugh
[21:08] ([k3rMiT]): is it?
[21:08] (@AmeriKat): i'm not lauging at you
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): oh, yea sure
[21:09] (@LadyDiva): yes it is
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:09] (@AmeriKat): i was laughing at the eat at joe's comment
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): so
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): will my setup work
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): i have ventilation
[21:09] (@TokerJoe): might
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): light
[21:09] (fwl``): ehhhheheheheheheheeeeeheheheheeeheheehhheh im laffing with you im drunk as well =]
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): aluminium
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): on the walls
[21:09] (@LadyDiva): lmao fwl
[21:09] (@TokerJoe): heck, even grass will grow under a rock... you got the same odds
[21:09] (@LadyDiva): is this your bedroom by chance?
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): no, my closet
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:09] ([k3rMiT]): 2 shelves
[21:09] (@LadyDiva): ahhh
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): 4 double fluorescent tube neons
[21:10] * AmeriKat roars into a laughing frenzy
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): cmon
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): help me :(
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): i guys are experienced
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): tell me
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): do i need special neons?
[21:10] (@LadyDiva): well to be quite honest. I have no idea if it will work.. no one knows till ya try it
[21:10] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:10] (@TokerJoe): dude, what I would be more worried about is what is going to happen when your parents find out about the hole in the roof man
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): its not in the roof
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): its in the attic
[21:11] (fwl``): dewd, it is the hardest place you can choose to grow a living plant, a closet for christs sake ! .... however you do it its not gonna be easy !
[21:11] (@TokerJoe): dude, like I said, grass will grow under a rock, you have the same odds or a little better
[21:11] (@LadyDiva): the attic is above you..the hole is in the ceiling
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): stop discouraging me
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): yes
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): with a fan
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): :D
[21:11] (@LadyDiva): yes fwl.. stop discouraging him :P
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): a fan right in the tube that goes up
[21:11] (fwl``): hehe
[21:11] ([k3rMiT]): and
[21:11] (@AmeriKat): i dont see how you think they aren't going to discover what you're doing
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): the tube joins another real vents that was already there, so my parents wil lnever know
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): :P
[21:12] (@LadyDiva): doesn't your mother go into your room and put your clothes up on occasion?
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): how wil lthey know?
[21:12] (@TokerJoe): cept when the look in your closet
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): nope
[21:12] (@LadyDiva): or clean in there?
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): i did a test
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): my closet
[21:12] (@LadyDiva): or looks for something?
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): has been locked for 1 year
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): nothing has happened
[21:12] (@LadyDiva): ya think?
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): yes, i know
[21:12] (@TokerJoe): Murphy's Law buddy
[21:12] ([k3rMiT]): i traped it
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): locked it
[21:13] (@LadyDiva): maybe they looked and you don't know it cuz they didn't find anything then
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): no, its locked
[21:13] (@AmeriKat): who is to say they won't go into the att ick
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): and traped so i KNOW if someone went in it
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): even if they do
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): they cant see the pipe
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): it joins a vent that was already there
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): :P
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): im telling u
[21:13] (@LadyDiva): like your dad hasn't ever done that when he was a kid.. you think he wouldn't know a trap when he saw one?
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): u want this to wrk
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): trust me
[21:13] ([k3rMiT]): just tell me
[21:14] *** TokerJoe changes topic to 'Today's Topic... Murphy's Law, and how it gets you BUSTED'
[21:14] (@LadyDiva): I bet he said that to when he was your age hehe
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): loll
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): :D
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): so for the soil
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): get diff kinds of potting siol
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): mix them 2gether
[21:14] (@AmeriKat): buy some miracle grow
[21:14] (@TokerJoe): dude, you ever grow a garden?
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): yes
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): and fertilizer
[21:14] ([k3rMiT]): but not too much right?
[21:15] (@TokerJoe): a plant is a plant man, 12 hours of the day they have light....
[21:15] ([k3rMiT]): not in my closet :D
[21:15] (@TokerJoe): um... thats what your using floecent for
[21:15] (@AmeriKat): you gotta have light dude
[21:15] (@AmeriKat): you're gonna kill um
[21:15] ([k3rMiT]): no
[21:15] ([k3rMiT]): theill have more then 2
[21:15] ([k3rMiT]): 12
[21:15] ([k3rMiT]): at the beginnig lol
[21:15] (@LadyDiva): 12?
[21:15] ([k3rMiT]): i know they need light lol
[21:16] (@LadyDiva): how big is your closet?
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): at the beginign 24hrs
[21:16] (@TokerJoe): you have to make the inside be like the outside man... think about it
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): well bigger then normal
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:16] (@LadyDiva): walk in closet?
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): that was one of myqueations
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): no
[21:16] *** TokerJoe changes topic to ' KILLING WEED IS A MORTAL SIN'
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): stop murdering me with qautions
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): :(
[21:16] (@LadyDiva): heh
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): i need to know
[21:16] ([k3rMiT]): about light cycles
[21:17] (@LadyDiva): well compare it to the normal day of light we get
[21:17] ([k3rMiT]): what do u suggest?
[21:17] (@TokerJoe): if you want answers we need to know your situation... so... um.... yea, we will ask some questions
[21:17] (@LadyDiva): at least 12 hours min
[21:17] ([k3rMiT]): okok
[21:17] ([k3rMiT]): well
[21:17] (@TokerJoe): unless its raining... then back it off
[21:17] ([k3rMiT]): all site said 24 hrs a day at the beggining
[21:17] ([k3rMiT]): i needto know when i put so many hrs of light, when i cut back etc
[21:17] ([k3rMiT]): so
[21:17] (@TokerJoe): you do what you need man... it at first you dont suceed... buy yer weed
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): do u guys have a good site witha chart somehere?
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:18] (thc\123): yeah
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): you dont think this will work do u?
[21:18] (thc\123): check www.quebeclove.com
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): hehe
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): why woudnt it work?
[21:18] (thc\123): it's in french tough
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): yes im bilingual
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): dude
[21:18] (@AmeriKat): www.norml.org
[21:18] ([k3rMiT]): its a search engine
[21:18] (thc\123): well check it
[21:19] (@TokerJoe): whats the worst that can happen?? Murphy will come knocking on your door and you will just have a stinky closet with a hole in it
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): tell me
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): tell
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): me
[21:19] (thc\123): it's got the complete guide to get *the craziest buds* in 3 months
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): why
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): it woudnt
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): work
[21:19] (fwl``): it will die [k3rMiT], it lives outside its not used to inside and defo not used to a closet
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): :(
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): but why!
[21:19] (@TokerJoe): hahaha fwl
[21:19] * AmeriKat giggles
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): i have everything
[21:19] (@TokerJoe): its a plant man! it nees teh SUN
[21:19] (@TokerJoe): you dont have the SUN
[21:19] ([k3rMiT]): i have fluos
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): cmon
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): im serious
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): stop teasing me
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): tell me
[21:20] (@AmeriKat): you need a sun lamp or something man
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): why it woudnt work
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): why wont fluos work?
[21:20] (@AmeriKat): something that will put out a little heat and the right kind ofl ight
[21:20] (@TokerJoe): you might be able to make up something with mirrors ... you know ... through that hole
[21:20] (@AmeriKat): flouro might be ok
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): pok
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): tahts what i have
[21:20] (@AmeriKat): i always knew people who used sun lamps
[21:20] (@AmeriKat): and they work great
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:20] ([k3rMiT]): dont those emit heat?
[21:20] (@TokerJoe): sun lamps or florcents
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): wont it burn in a closet lol
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): well i have fluos
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): so
[21:21] (@TokerJoe): not if you dont leave it on all the time
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): do i neeed special fluos
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): ?
[21:21] (@TokerJoe): and dont get one of them big ones that can heat a swimming pool
[21:21] (@AmeriKat): a sun lamp.....it don't get that fucking hot dude
[21:21] (@TokerJoe): you need to fit itin your closet man
[21:21] (@AmeriKat): ROFLMAO
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): okok
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): hahah
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): ill arange it
[21:21] (@TokerJoe): 'they might need a tan
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): so a sun lamp AND neons
[21:21] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:22] ([k3rMiT]): im confused
[21:22] ([k3rMiT]): oops
[21:22] (@AmeriKat): LOL toker
[21:22] ([k3rMiT]): i mean a sun light and fluos
[21:22] (@TokerJoe): I like being Dazed adn Confuzed
[21:22] ([k3rMiT]): im confused as hell
[21:22] (@AmeriKat): sun lamps are good for the heat
[21:22] ([k3rMiT]): u tell me
[21:22] (@AmeriKat): fluoros woudl be better for the light sourse
[21:22] (@AmeriKat): source
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): flos will work then u tell me i NEED sun lamps
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): and sun for the heat?
[21:23] (@AmeriKat): don't fry them...just turn it on high enough that it produces a little heat
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): tx man
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): sp
[21:23] (@TokerJoe): little heat... you dont want to burn ye house
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): so
[21:23] ([k3rMiT]): loll
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): so
[21:24] (@AmeriKat): sun lamps are relatively cheap
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): beside that..waht else
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:24] (@TokerJoe): water would be nice
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:24] (@TokerJoe): but not to much
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): haha
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:24] ([k3rMiT]): i know
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): i need to know if u guys think this will really work... u seem to think it wont but i cant think why
[21:25] (@TokerJoe): Dirt + water * light2 (heat) = weed
[21:25] (@TokerJoe): but... you need seeds... dont you
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): yes
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): ill buy them
[21:25] (@TokerJoe): why not start with live plants?
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): this is why i need to know if u think il work
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): its is going to cost
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): should i?
[21:25] ([k3rMiT]): u tell me man
[21:26] (@TokerJoe): hell man, anything can work, dont know how long... but hell, you can try anything at least once
[21:26] (@TokerJoe): and like I said before... if at first you dont succeed, buy yer weed
[21:26] (@AmeriKat): buy some weed from a male plant...thats where you get all the good seedage
[21:26] (@AmeriKat): then plant um
[21:26] (@AmeriKat): it ain't that hard
[21:26] ([k3rMiT]): ?
[21:26] ([k3rMiT]): i thought female gave more
[21:26] ([k3rMiT]): and was better
[21:26] (@AmeriKat): felame is the better smoking kind
[21:26] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:26] (@TokerJoe): Female give ya buds, male plants good seeds
[21:26] (@AmeriKat): you get more seeds from the male
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): o
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): kseeds is not a prob
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): i can get seeds, i can get crosp
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): wich one should i get?
[21:27] (@AmeriKat): seeds
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): grom a male..
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): still dont understanf that
[21:27] (@AmeriKat): no no no
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): females give more
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): ?
[21:27] (@AmeriKat): you want seeds from a male
[21:27] ([k3rMiT]): o
[21:28] (@AmeriKat): you want to GROW females
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): kbut im going to buy the seeds from a shop
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:28] (@AmeriKat): you have to grow um to know what they are though
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:28] (@AmeriKat): you can't tell by looking at the seed
[21:28] (@TokerJoe): really you want to grow what ever that will, cept mold, but still, grow any plant you can, and if all else fails, you can smoke leaf
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): ok
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): yes
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): but i WANT this to work
[21:28] ([k3rMiT]): really bad
[21:29] (@AmeriKat): why are you trying to sell the shit?
[21:29] ([k3rMiT]): why not?
[21:29] ([k3rMiT]): ill smoke and sell
[21:29] ([k3rMiT]): but not big time
[21:29] ([k3rMiT]): just frends etc
[21:29] (@AmeriKat): hi tiff
[21:29] (Dolph1n): hey hey
[21:29] (@TokerJoe): hey hey
[21:29] ([k3rMiT]): hey hey
[21:29] (Dolph1n): copycat :P
[21:30] (@TokerJoe): Jynx
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): damn
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): now u have to puch me
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): okok
[21:30] * TokerJoe slaps k3rMiT across the channel
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): lol
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): ok wll guys
[21:30] ([k3rMiT]): i gtg
[21:31] (@TokerJoe): peace man
[21:31] ([k3rMiT]): but ill be back
[21:31] ([k3rMiT]): tx alot
[21:31] (@TokerJoe): let us know how it come out
[21:31] ([k3rMiT]): u guys are REALLY helpfull
[21:31] ([k3rMiT]): yes, i will
[21:31] ([k3rMiT]): tx amerikat
[21:31] *** [k3rMiT] (~email@modemcable039.252-201-24.hull.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (euphoria! (www.euphoriascript.tk) How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?)
[21:31] (@TokerJoe): Ok, 10 bucks he burns down the house
[21:31] * AmeriKat throws herself onto the floor and rolls around laughing hysterically
[21:31] (@TokerJoe): 20 he gets busted
[21:31] (@TokerJoe): whos on?
[21:31] (@AmeriKat): i'm with you joe
[21:32] (Dolph1n): damn I missed it
[21:32] (Dolph1n): ok what happened?
[21:32] (@AmeriKat): specially with burnin down the house
[21:32] (@AmeriKat): LOFL
[21:32] (@TokerJoe): I need to save this log and post it
[21:32] (@TokerJoe): in fact I think I will... haha... this was just tooo good
[21:32] (fwl``): lol
[21:32] (@AmeriKat): yeah you dio
[21:32] (@AmeriKat): then send it to me email LOL
[21:32] (@TokerJoe): hehehe
[21:32] (@AmeriKat): that's saving material man

Posted Friday, August 23, 2002, 8:30:02 PM