Channel Operator Rules of Conduct
1) Warn the people that are breaking the rules.
You, as an operator have the responsibility to enforce the channel rules, in doing so, a kick or a ban might be needed. However, not everyone knows there are rules. I personally have chosen to NOT spam this website with an "On Join" notice, so because of that, not everyone will know where to go to read the rules. Based on this, anyone that is found to be breaking the rules will need some form of warning. 
There is an exception to this:

Channel Rule #8 No Invites to other channels (SPAM): 

2) Never Kick or Ban a Channel Operator.
Ops keep control in the channel. If we kick or ban each other, there is no control. If you have a disagreement I suggest you try to settle it. If you can not, have a higher op look over the situation and make the "call" on it.
3) DO NOT remove the access of an Operator.
If needed you may suspend the access of the op in question and deop them.
DO NOT remove their access. Going forward ONLY the 500 may remove access of an operator, any operator who
does so will be imeatlety demoted in rank if not have their access removed on the spot.


Abuse of power or even the hint of abuse of power is enough to cuase much drama between people in the channel.

4) Never remove the ban of another op you did not set.
If an op is banned by a higher op, you cannot remove that ban. Only the op that set it has the right to remove it. Example of this is as follows... A level 200 op bans a level 100 op. The level 100 Talks to a 300 op and the 300 op removes it. 

If the ban is unjustified or you have NO GOOD reason for the ban, 
it MUST be removed, even if that means going to a higher op.

5) Never Flame ANY Channel Operator.
They have higher access for a reason. They deserve your respect for the fact that they have more seniority in the channel. Simply put, I don't think anyone should flame out another op. Even if you have good reason there are better ways of settling problems than letting things get out of hand and end up in an argument.
6) Do not run people out of the channel.
We have a Channel for Chatting with other people. With out people you have no channel. We as ops have the responsibility to maintain channel stability. That stability is not based on one person, but the group as a whole. You may not like someone but you can tolerate that person.

The key here is Tolerance NOT Acceptance

Everyone Note:
If you have a problem or do not agree with another op's actions in regards to a user in the channel, do not take it up with them in the channel.. please take it up with him/her in private and if that doesn't settle it, then bring it up to a higher op.. we do not need ops arguing in the channel over who is right or wrong in his/her actions for everyone to see.. it doesn't look good for the channel.

Granted most people will just use private message, but if you want a place to go, join #myoffice, hash out your issues and lets get back to smoken

Just remember that we are here to respectfully present new and diverse ideas in ways that are not offensive to others. Personal self responsibility in choosing our words to express to others ideas that may be foreign to them even frightening. The purpose of this channel is not to frighten

My Official Position on Channel Politics
I hate politics, they are in every aspect of life. There is no way around this. I only wish that one day we can all sit down smoke a joint and live the rest of our lives stoned and happy. This is sad to say not the case, so I am forced to lay down some ground rules. Because of these ground rules I have decided to give my official position of decision making in the channel environment.

If I get pulled into a dispute I will hear both sides of the story and make a call, there comes a time when its not about where you are in X, but about who is right.

Ok enough of this... lets all get back to Smoken



Updated 02/15/2007