#WEED Channel Rules

There are not many rules here, but I do expect every one to abide by them.

01)  No Begging For Ops.
02)  No Begging For Access.
03)  Speak English. This is an English Channel.
04)  No Warez in Channel or any thing that has to do with it.
05)  No posting any URL of personal or other naked body parts consisting of the sexual organ variety (PORN), ie.. boobies, schlongs, etc.
06)  Do not harass other users.
If you have a disagreement with someone take it private. If you persist in harassing someone in privite or in the channel, you will be kicked and/or banned upon the discretion of the op and the severity of the case.
07)  No Advertisement of scripts in the channel.
Some keywords with some scripts will trigger an auto-action.
If you get a notice that will be your only warning.
08)  No Invites to other channels (SPAM).
This is an auto-action item if you are banned by mistake, MSG an op and ask for it to be removed.
Repeat offenders will be perm banned.
09)  No Raciest Remarks... KKK, Nigger... etc.
10)   No Bots In Channel Unless Cleared By Toker.
11)  No Clones In Channel Unless Cleared By Channel Ops.
12)  Keep the caps lock off.
13)  Don't Try to sell or ask to BUY weed in channel. -- DISCLAIMER --
14)  Keep the nicks, idents and user names clean.
Any and all nicks/idents/user names with the word "fuck" in them will be banned on the spot.  
Change your nick and rejoin if you wish. 
No exceptions.  Change your nick or get out.
15)  Be Respectful of other peoples opinions. 
If I have to respect your opinion, you have to respect mine.
16)  No Collection of Channel Logs for display in the public domain without consent of channel management.
Any user found doing this will be banned without question, from this and every other channel possible.
**Absolutely No Exceptions**

Updated 03/31/2003