Things to look for in the not so far future...
I have been trying to think of ways to make the site better, and since I rebuilt it with a better frame work I figured I might as well give some thinking to what I want to add, what I should add, and what I can now add...
I want to build an area for our growers, people need a place to show off their stuff, and what better way to show your killer bud than your own private space here. Since I am hosting this site now, I have the ability to run any number of sub domains, so * .

As with subdomains I have the ability to forward any email to anyone, so look for your chance to have email addy.

Why Not ;) lol


A weed forum, been wanting one, hell had one for a while, but thanks to phpbb it got hacked, lost everything, never started it back up. BUT if I can figure a way to put a forum into the frame work, why not try again :) ... I just dont want to break the site into different areas, click here you get a fully new page for this system, have to click back a dozen times to go back to the main page.

I want a way to build everything into one base frame work.

Keep looking, as I get things worked out you should start to see different areas of the site come to life.
Happy Tokin!!